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No matter what your interests are, Person County has a festival that's sure to please.


Willow Oak Music Festival

The Willow Oak Music Festival is a three-day celebration of bluegrass music that takes place in a beautiful outdoor venue. The festival is not just about music, it's also about spending time with friends, enjoying delicious food, and having a good time. One of the unique features of the festival is that it allows campers to stay overnight, giving festival-goers the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in the experience. Click here for more information

Willow Oak Music Festival
Dates: June 13 - 15, 2024

Flem Whitt Beach Music Festival

Flem Whitt Beach Music Festival is an annual event that takes place at Hyco Lake. This festival is a celebration of beach music, which is a genre of music that originated in the Carolinas. The festival draws a big crowd of people who come to enjoy the music, dance and have a great time. Click here for more information

Flem Whitt
Date: August 10, 2024
Personality Steve Long
Date: October 25 & 26, 2024

Personality Festival

Personality Festival is an exciting event that takes place annually in Uptown Roxboro. The festival also puts on an array of performances throughout the day. You can enjoy live music, dance performances, and even a hotdog eating contest.

One of the main highlights of the Personality Festival is the wide variety of vendors that participate. From handmade crafts to delicious food, the vendors offer something for everyone. You can browse through unique items and even purchase souvenirs to take home with you. Click here for more information

Date: May 4, 2024


New for 2024! Dance, sing, and make memories with your friends while surrounded by nature's beauty. Whether you're a hardcore music lover or just looking for a good time, this event is perfect for you. Join us at this beautiful lakeside location and enjoy live performances by some of the hottest bands around. Misbehavin, Crush, Too Much Sylvia and Red Dirt Revival. Click here for more information