Diet is a four-letter word

After spending a fun filled day boating on the lake or shopping around our quaint downtown, your stomach's going to be hungry for some food. And we're not talking about ordered-through-a-speaker-and picked-up-in-a-bag cuisine. Oh, no! We're talking fine Southern fare made from recipes passed down from generations. We're talking fresh vegetables direct from the local farmer's field. Meats seasoned, grilled and served in a way that treats a diet like the four-letter word it is. But before you select an entrée, you have to pick a location. And, in Person County, our restaurants and chefs are as interesting and colorful…... read more »


Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm

It all sounds really cool to connect with the NC food system here and really understand how your local food and meats are produced. And as a preview of the Piedmont Farm Tour, I made an early visit to one of the farms on the tour that caught my eye: Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm where I met its owner, Jack Pleasant. So off I go, headed out on a beautiful Saturday morning to go see some buffalo and get a feel for all the work that goes into caring for these beautiful animals.Farm house at Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm in…... read more »