Breweries & Wineries

Person County, North Carolina, is home to two of the most beautiful and scenic wineries and breweries in the state. Among the most popular wineries in the area is Rock of Ages Winery and Tunnel Creek Vineyards. These wineries are known for high-quality wines, which are produced using traditional methods and the finest grapes from the region. Both offer visitors a chance to sample their wines and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding countryside.

Tunnel Creek Vineyards

For beer lovers, Black Creek Brewery is a wonderful local brewery that offers handcrafted beer. The brewery is known for its locally made beer that is brewed on-site, ensuring the freshest taste possible. In addition, the brewery hosts weekly food trucks that offer a variety of delicious food options. 

Black Creek Brewery

1792 Beer Co. is a fantastic destination for anyone looking for a fun and family-friendly atmosphere. As a bottle shop, they offer a wide variety of beverages including beer, juices, and snacks. They also host weekly food trucks and special events, making it a great place to gather with friends or family and enjoy a delicious meal.

Uptown Roxboro_1792 Beer Co.