Chef David Gaydeski of Brookland Eats

Brookland Eats is a must-stop for any foodie that happens to visit Person County. It is owned and operated by David Gaydeski who served as Executive Chef to three North Carolina Governors. The menu here will not disappoint. Try local favorites like a Pimento Cheese BLFGT (Bacon, lettuce and fried green tomatoes) or a bacon-wrapped pork loin over rice pilaf with apple chutney. The food is inspired. The portions are ample. And the things this man can do with a sweet potato will make you say "Amen."

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, Chef David comes from a family of steel workers but, fortunately for us, chose a different path early on. He is a graduate of the International Culinary Academy and moved to North Carolina in 1998.

With his stint as North Carolina's official chef behind him, Chef Dave opened Brookland Eats in 2013. His menu is filled with fresh, southern style handmade dishes that use ingredients sourced from many local farms in Person County.