How about a fantastic meal in an old train car with a side of ghost? That's what you can get at Clarksville Station. Built at the turn of the century, this classic Victorian Depot offers a themed menu inspired by the glory days of the American railroad. Nowhere else can you enjoy a Casey Jones or take a bite out of a delicious Hobo. Steaks have always been a hit but the hamburgers are a very close second along with the potato bar!

The depot served both south central Virginia and north central North Carolina as a main passenger and freight station until it closed on June 29, 1973. This wonderful old station might have been demolished and never heard of again if it had not been moved forty-five miles to Roxboro, North Carolina. Here it has been reconstructed to preserve its unique past.

The renovated Clarksville Station Restaurant opened in 1975 and continued the railroad theme by providing old time information about railroads on the restaurant's walls.

The restaurant also has two actual railroad cars from the 1860's that now serve as dining rooms. They were originally used in the Civil War as a hospital. On several occasions' diners have reported seeing an old conductor in the mirror behind their table while they were eating. Boo-appetite!