Whitfield Family Farm – Darryl & Gwen Newton – It's Better in Person

Whitfield Family Farm – Darryl & Gwen Newton

The Whitfield Family Farm has had a proud heritage of growing tobacco and grain for multiple generations. Presently it is being farmed by the grandsons and the great grandsons of Arthur Whitfield. The barn quilt is located on the feed barn, built in the 1930’s by Arthur Whitfield where cattle and farm horses were fed and cared for. It is now owned by his granddaughter and her husband. The barn quilt is a colorful kaleidoscope star representing the homeowner’s love of quilts. The family especially treasure quilts made by Darryl’s mother Rachel Long Newton, and Gwen’s grandmother Malissa Oakley Allen, who were avid quilters.

Quilt Square by Amy Levine and the PCC Creative Minds Club • Photography by Carly Long