Rev Your Engines: We're Headed to Roxboro

It takes a special kind of person to love a car. For some, it's the dream of attaining the ultimate machine--sleek, fast, indomitable. For others, it's the sensation of racing life--the smell of the octane, the rumble of the ground, the squeal of the tires, the streaks on the ground and in the air, the flutter in your heart. If you want perfection, cars can achieve it. If you want passion, cars rely on it. If you want connection, cars deliver it. Perhaps that's why so many car enthusiasts flock year after year to the unassuming, surprisingly under-the-radar city of…... read more »


Sometimes Doing Nothing Is Everything

Sunglasses? Check. Sunscreen? Check. A few friends, a few days and a few bucks to spare? Congratulations. You now have all you need to enjoy a Summer in Person County, North Carolina. Forget that long, congested drive through the mountains just to reach a private patch of water. Here, you have your choice of two magical public lakes, each within spitting distance of everything you need to get back to (or stay far away from!) your day-to-day reality. Hop on a jet ski and perfect your wake-to-wake jump. Fly across a bus on your wakeboard. Try your luck reeling in…... read more »


Meet Chef David Gaydeski

Chef David Gaydeski of Brookland Eats Brookland Eats is a must-stop for any foodie that happens to visit Person County. It is owned and operated by David Gaydeski who served as Executive Chef to three North Carolina Governors. The menu here will not disappoint. Try local favorites like a Pimento Cheese BLFGT (Bacon, lettuce and fried green tomatoes) or a bacon-wrapped pork loin over rice pilaf with apple chutney. The food is inspired. The portions are ample. And the things this man can do with a sweet potato will make you say "Amen." Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area,…... read more »