Meet Chef David Gaydeski

Chef David Gaydeski of Brookland Eats Brookland Eats is a must-stop for any foodie that happens to visit Person County. It is owned and operated by David Gaydeski who served as Executive Chef to three North Carolina Governors. The menu here will not disappoint. Try local favorites like a Pimento Cheese BLFGT (Bacon, lettuce and fried green tomatoes) or a bacon-wrapped pork loin over rice pilaf with apple chutney. The food is inspired. The portions are ample. And the things this man can do with a sweet potato will make you say "Amen." Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area,…... read more »


Diet is a four-letter word

After spending a fun filled day boating on the lake or shopping around our quaint uptown, your stomach's going to be hungry for some food. And we're not talking about ordered-through-a-speaker-and picked-up-in-a-bag cuisine. Oh, no! We're talking fine Southern fare made from recipes passed down from generations. We're talking fresh vegetables direct from the local farmer's field. Meats seasoned, grilled and served in a way that treats a diet like the four-letter word it is. But before you select an entrée, you have to pick a location. And, in Person County, our restaurants and chefs are as interesting and colorful…... read more »


The Rocket Science of Craft Brew

Black Creek Brewery There's a saying, "Beer; because no good story ever started over a glass of water." And, with that in mind, Black Creek Brewery was created. A local Roxboro favorite, it's owned by brothers Dan (a former Rocket Scientist) and Mike (a Professional Engineer). While it only opened its doors for the first time in 2017, their story begins much earlier, a time when Indiana Jones ruled the box office and Guns and Roses took over the airwaves. Flash back to back to 1989. Dan was working across the country in San Diego designing rockets for an aerospace…... read more »